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Candid Catholic Convos - 1-29-2023

  If you’re like me and your kids are in Catholic School, or maybe your kids are older but they attended Catholic school in the past, or you yourself went to Catholic School, then you know this week is a big one – it’s Catholic Schools Week. Today we're joined by Daniel Breen, superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Harrisburg, to explain to us why Catholic education is fundamental in building a strong foundation for our children and the amazing things happening with the future of Catholic Schools in our Diocese.

Candid Catholic Convos - 1-22-2023

  Today we’re continuing our conversation with Father Jonathan Sawicki picking up right where we left off last week. We’re finally going to answer the question why can’t women be priests, as well as dive into the infallibility of the Bible, apocryphal texts, and the difference between being good versus being saved.

Candid Catholic Convos - 1-15-2023

  For those who’ve never experienced it, who’ve maybe only heard that the Catholic church is strict or full of rules or elitist, why would someone WANT to become Catholic? And going a step further, why is it that the Catholic church is seen as having this overarching authority, a predominant presence, if it’s not respected as an institution? Today Father Jonathan Sawicki joins us to unpack these notions, diving deep into the history and tradition of the Catholic Church.

Candid Catholic Convos - 1-8-2023

  Why is it that 80% of New Year's Resolutions fail, especially those focused on body image? Is it that we have terrible willpower? Or could it be that the balance between bodily health and spiritual health is tipped further one way than the other? Bill Donaghy of the Theology of the Body Institute joins us today to chat about the theology of working out to honor God, and just because New Years Day is a great benchmark for new beginnings, doesn’t mean your new beginning can’t start today.

Candid Catholic Convos - 1-1-2023

  A new year is here! That means new goals, fresh perspectives, and a feeling of hope. Whether you are married or dating, a fresh perspective in your relationship is probably in order. Regina Boyd, licensed mental health counselor specializing in marriage and relationships, joins us via zoom to talk about ways we can grow in our relationships, dismantling myths around marriage counseling, and how our faith plays a crucial role in our relationships.