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Candid Catholic Convos - 6-26-2022

  The pending ruling in the Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health Organization case with the Supreme Court has fired up a lot of passion, fear, and continued to fuel an on-going debate surrounding abortion. To help shed some light on the political "man-behind-the-curtain," we're sitting down with PA Catholic Conference Executive Director, Eric Failing, to talk about what this potentially monumental decision means for us and what pro-life policies are currently in the works in Harrisburg

Candid Catholic Convos - 6-19-2022

  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! This week, we're chatting with the Diocese's new director of family life ministries, Adam Arehart, about the important role of the father in the family and where men can find encouragement in their vocation within the church.

Candid Catholic Convos - 6-12-2022

  Forgiveness is essential in our faith and in our everyday relationships, but sometimes, it is extremely difficult. Today we're discussing practicing forgiveness like Jesus did with Deacon Gregory Amarante and his wife Ellen, and how we can effectively forgive others and ourselves over time.

Candid Catholic Convos - 6-5-2022

  Today we celebrate Pentecost as both the end of the Easter Season and the birthday of the Church. Much like the apostles who were touched by the Holy Spirit, we're called to spread the good news too, but how can we do it without feeling weird? Father Sawicki, director of vocations, shares with us some practical tips and tricks for modern day evangelization.