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Candid Catholic Convos - 8-28-2022

  If you've ever wondered how some of the processes of the church work, this episode is one you'll really want to lean into. Bishop Ronald Gainer joins us to pull back the curtain on some of these church secrets as well as make a special announcement.

Candid Catholic Convos - 8-21-2022

  If you find yourself comparing your faith to that of the Saints or even other people in your parish or on the internet, and wondering if you're worthy of heaven, this episode is for you. Sister Geralyn joins us to us unpack perfection and use the examples of the saints as inspiration, not intimidation.

Candid Catholic Convos - 8-14-2022

  Feminism doesn’t have to mean Butler, Sanger or de Beauvoir. It can mean the Teresas (of Avila, Lisieux, Calcutta and the cross), it can mean Gianna and Gemma and Joan. It can mean the teachings of the church and of JPII which have proclaimed again and again the inherent dignity of women, the right of women to pursue their callings and the end of violence against women. Today, Samantha Povlock of FemCatholic joins us to help unravel and embrace this new integrated version of being a woman

Candid Catholic Convos - 8-7-2022

  Mental illness affects 1 in 4 adults, and in 2020, suicide was the second leading cause of death, many of whom were stricken with some form of mental illness. Donna Nebistinsky and Tim Danko of St Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish decided to take action and establish a safe-haven for those afflicted to reduce the stigma around mental illness, especially in the church.